Hey there! Thank you for hopping here! 🤗 I am Subha Chanda aka Nemo, a CS student from West Bengal, India.

My Stack? I love JavaScript. Because, why not? 😉
I am also an express and MongoDB fanboy.

Work? I am a student now. But I do some freelancing and also write guest posts for another blog. 😀

Nemotivity? So, Nemotivity is a place where I share my learnings. This place is where I strengthen my knowledge. 💯

Hobbies? Reading books, searching random stuff on Google, and trying to learn Ukulele. 😅 Offtopic? I am part of an NGO that tries to bring happiness to kids. 🥰

Rapid Fire!

  • Favourite Avenger? Doctor Strange
  • Favourite Author? Satyajit Ray
  • Favourite Disney Movie? Finding Nemo
  • Batman over Superman
  • Ronaldo or Messi? MS Dhoni 😎
  • Favourite Quote? Just Do it ✔️

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